Noise Surveys

How we can help

When you call Clover you speak to one of our consultants who will advise you on the exact type of survey you require and give you a free no obligation straightforward quotation. Noise surveys come in all shapes and sizes depending on your particular project. No matter what your project is, if noise is an issue we can help. Or just fill in the contact form and we’ll be straight back to you….

What is a Noise Survey?

If noise is defined as unwanted sound, then it’s a survey that measures and assesses unwanted sound. But that doesn’t answer your question does it. Close you might say…. but no prize.

The long answer? A noise survey is always specific to the question it is required to answer, and there is usually some government guidance, legislation or British Standard that is also specific to that same question.

For example, a noise survey to answer a planning condition imposed by a local authority would draw on guidance from BS8233 where the developer wishes to put residential dwellings near an existing noise source, or on BS 4142 where a new noise source, such as an air conditioning unit, is to be introduced close to existing residential. Whatever your project, we have a bespoke solution to help you over the planning finish line. Fill in the contact form for a call back!