Wind Turbine Noise Assessment

ETSU-R-97 and Planning Requirements
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Wind Turbine Noise Assessments for Proposed Turbines Compared to Exiting Background Noise LevelsRequire a noise assessment for your proposed turbine?

If you’re thinking of installing a wind turbine then as part of your planning application your Local Authority will ask you to provide a noise assessment. Why? They have a duty of care to make sure your project doesn’t cause noise nuisance. So whilst green power is a good thing, noise from green power sources isn’t.

That’s where our comprehensive wind turbine noise service can help.

We carry out background noise assessments and predictions in line with current guidance and best practice outlined in ESTU-R-97 to help ensure your wind turbine project doesn’t upset the neighbours. And it’s a fact that this type of assessment usually means having monitoring equipment surveying for a least a couple of weeks, so the sooner you get in touch to discuss your project, the better. We’ll give you a solid price that won’t change no matter which way the wind blows.

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